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Specializing in Quality, Custom Furnishings and Upholstery for over 20 years!!


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Specializing in Quality, Custom Furnishings using your very own fabric!!

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FREE estimates on all of your custom projects and a physical workroom location.

Connect your furniture with new cushions and pillows

View a large library of fabrics for

your project

Don't throw your old pillows and

cushions away

Did you update some of your furniture pieces and all of a sudden have items that don't match? You can get them to look great with our upholstery service.

Do you have fabric that you want to use for your updated cushions and pillows? Bring it in to us or check out full selection of fabrics for your project.

Give your cushion and pillows a new life by getting them reupholstered so that they coordinate and work with the existing items in your home.

Custom Upholstery & Fabrics